Equipped for Purpose

It was finally time for the first promise of God to be fulfilled. Sin would soon be forever defeated, but first, the Savior had to be placed in His mother’s womb. Can you imagine how excited God must have been as He sent an angel from heaven to reveal His plan to Mary? This was a moment thousands of years in the making!

Think about Mary: young and humble but favored by God. When He sent the angel to her side, He sent him with words of love. He let her know she was chosen and had no reason to fear. Before she had time to doubt or let insecurity creep in, God gave Mary the confidence she needed to walk out His purpose for her life.

As Christmas approaches, put yourself in Mary’s shoes and reflect on this moment. Think about how incredible, maybe even overwhelming, it was for her to discover the extent of her God-given purpose. It’s important to realize that just as He had divine purpose for Mary, God has divine purpose for you. Just as He chose her and entrusted her with great plans, He has also chosen you and entrusted something miraculous to you! Ask God to reveal what He created you to do, and be confident that He’ll equip you to do it.

Prayer: Father, thank You for the gift of Jesus. Thank You for choosing a woman like Mary to bring Him into the world. You used her as a vessel for Your greatest miracle. Thank You for also giving me a divine purpose. Help me to be still, to seek You, and to know You more during this season. Use this time to reveal more about Your purpose for me as I focus on the purpose of Christmas.

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