The Peace Of Divine Purpose

Fear can stop you in your tracks. It can make you run and hide. Satan loves to distract us with fear to keep us from seeing the safety of God’s direction. Fear threatened the fulfillment of Christmas multiple times, and God was intentional to remind His story’s key players over and over, “Do not be afraid.”

Matthew 1:18-21 tells us Joseph’s side of the Christmas story. Mary became pregnant before she and Joseph were married, and Joseph, “being a righteous man and not wanting to disgrace her, planned to send her away secretly.” But an angel from God appeared to him in a dream, reassuring him that he had been chosen to raise God’s Son on earth.

Joseph initially responded to the news of Mary’s pregnancy by trying to preserve both his and Mary’s reputations, fearful of all the implications. He had no way of knowing Mary’s claim of virginity was legitimate, and he was going to break off their engagement. In the midst of a painful, confusing time for Joseph, God came to him in a dream, challenged his fear with the peace of divine purpose, and set him on course to be the earthly father of the greatest Man the world has ever known.

In our moments of fear, God wants to speak truth to us and break the power of whatever lie is holding us back. When we seek His peace, He will conquer our fears with His love. Ask God to come and speak truth to whatever lies are giving you anxiety today. He will be faithful to respond and empower you to move forward into the incredible purpose He has for you.

Prayer: Father, your Word says that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Thank You for giving me everything I need to move forward when the enemy tries to hold me back. I praise You that fear has to bow to the name of Jesus. During this Christmas season, and always, help me take fearful thoughts captive and immediately bring them to You so that Your peace can reign in my life.

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