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Sunday Services

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10am for worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and community. 

People who attend RVC today come from every walk of life you can think of. Some have been going to church their whole lives, some are completely new to it, and a lot of people are somewhere in between.

Everyone is welcome!

KidZone, Logo, Children's Ministry


Kids ages 3 -12 are welcome to join us for fun lessons and activities in Sunday School. Our Children's Director, Ruthann, is busy planning fun and exciting lessons for all ages. Our goal for KidZone is to make the children of RVC feel like they are connected, give them a deeper understanding of God, and make church a part of their whole lives. For more info, email Ruthann here.

The Ninety-Nine, Youth Group, Mission Youth Group

The Ninety-Nine Youth

The Ninety-Nine Youth Group meets weekly on Friday evenings at 7pm. Keep an eye on social media to see what's coming up or reach out to Cody directly at The Ninety-Nine Youth on Facebook and Instagram or email.

Home group, Bible Study, Discussion groups

Small Groups

Every 2nd Saturday

This group, led by Randy W., is a friendly group of new and longtime believers, which makes for great discussions.


Monday at 7pm

Led by Sylvester A. on the book of Esther. Sylvester is a wonderful teacher who can help you dive deeper into the Bible stories we love.


Refresh Thursday 10:30am

Refresh is our midweek service on Thursdays at 10:30am, where we take a deeper look at books of the Bible

Please email the church office at

for more details and locations. 

Refresh, Senior's service, Bible study, Mid-week service


Refresh is our midweek service on Thursdays at 10:30am, where we take a deeper look at books of the Bible, sing traditional songs of worship, and pray for one another. Participation and discussion is encouraged. Refresh will also be streamed online through our Facebook page

Women's Ministry, Ladies Ministry, woman's church

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry: Regular evenings out and Saturday brunches filled with encouragement and fellowship together. 

Please call or email the church for more info. 

Men's ministry, men's breakfast, men's church, men's bible study

Men's Ministry

Men and food: a perfect match. 

Our men's ministry meets monthly to enjoy breakfast on Saturday morning followed by a devotional and discussion. Join us for food, fellowship, and friends. 

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